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MAY 2011

Michael and Friedaricka (Ohlendorf) moved to New Athens, IL from Millstadt, IL. In New Athens they owned and operated a soft drink bottling works. Kolabru was invented here. All operations were done by hand and deliveries were made by horse and wagon. About 1910, their son Richard, who married Clara Fries, bought the business, added some modern machinery and two Model "T" Ford trucks.

April 2011

The first Roman Catholic Church, organized in Washington County was in Lively Grove Precinct in 1867 when a church was erected at a cost of $2000. The membership at that time about twenty families. Father Turck was the first Priest. He served for one and a half years. He was followed by Father Rosmoller who remained about five years. He was succeeded by Father Busch a native of Westphalia, Prussia. Father Busch came to America in 1836.

January 2011

In January of this year demolition crews began tearing down the old Marissa Township High School building. The high school was built during the years 1907 to 1909. It was replaced in 1976 by a new Junior - Senior High school at the northern edge of Marissa.

November 2010

On July 16, 1919, the new and first expansion bridge over the Kaskaskia River at New Athens was opened to traffic. Opened on August 13, 1921 at New Athens - a new theatre built at a cost of $25,000 and a pipe organ installed for $2000.

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